Etna Quad Adventure + Easy Trekking


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Etna Quad Adventure + Easy Trekking - Excursions from Port

With this memorable excursion from ports, we will offer you a whole mess adventure around the highest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. The tour will start with a guide leading us for almost 2 hrs around the secular Ragabo pine forest, impressive lava flows, fantastic lava caves, and the old mule tracks leading to the slopes of Etna. During the tour, we will also do light trekking on old eruptive cones and visit the oldest pine Etna, "Zappinazzu," without forgetting the fantastic view of the infinite landscape that overlooks the coast of Taormina. Then we will drive back to Messina for a quick city tour. In Messina, we will see a church with bronze statues (King Christ church) and also a viewpoint that's one of the oldest fortresses in Messina. The last stop of the excursion is the cathedral of Messina with its very particular astronomical clock (the biggest in the world).

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