Palermo, Monreale and Bagheria


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Palermo is Sicily's capital and most important city; it is, in fact, the island's administrative center and main tourist attraction. During this tour, we will focus on the essential part of the capital, which is its medieval area, where it will be possible to visit the city's splendid Baroque and Arab-Norman sites. The Cathedral is also a must: a magnificent and imposing building that stands on the ruins of the ancient cathedral; it was transformed into a mosque by the Arabs and rededicated to Christian worship by the Norman kings. Then we will reach the village of Monreale, driving along a beautiful road that climbs the slopes of the Conca D'Oro. The Baroque Cathedral of Monreale, built during the Norman domination, will leave you enchanted. We will leave Monreale and go back to Palermo for a short walk along the colorful alleys of the "Vucciria" market, the largest in Palermo. If time remains, we will move to Bagheria to visit the incredible villa of the Mysteries.

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