Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone


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Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone - Excursions from Port

Piazza Armerina stands on a plateau about 700 meters above sea level and a few kilometers from Enna. Piazza Armerina was founded during the Norman domination, its historic center is full of splendid churches, among which the Baroque cathedral and Castello Spinelli stand out. Famous is the Roman Villa with its magnificent mosaics. The Roman site is located a few kilometers from the town, the villa is one of the largest Roman patrician residences to have remained almost intact. Inside there are precious mosaics depicting scenes of everyday life, such as hunting, games and gymnastic exercises. The Roman Villa was built between 330 and 360 AD. and extends for about 3500 square meters. The excursion continues to Caltagirone, a few kilometers away from Piazza Armerina. Once an ancient Saracen fortress, the mountain town was rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake. The architecture of its churches is typically Baroque. Caltagirone is very famous for its ceramics. After a walk through the city center and a visit to the picturesque ceramic shops, we make a short stop to taste the typical almond paste biscuits.

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