Syracuse between Classical and Baroque


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The destination of this excursion is the splendid city of Syracuse, located in the southern part of the island; along the way you will cross one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of Sicily. Syracuse is built on an ancient Greek settlement; the Corinthians founded the city in 734 BC. The tour begins with a visit to the archaeological area of ​​Neapolis: the Greek theater, the Roman amphitheater and the Latomia del Paradiso and the "Ara di Hyeron". Leaving the archaeological area we will drive to Ortigia, the true heart of the city, for a stop to stroll among the picturesque streets of the ancient historic center. Of particular interest are: Duomo Square and the Cathedral, built on the remains of an ancient Greek temple. At this point we will stop at the famous Arethusa fountain, with its papyrus plants, overlooking the turquoise Ionian Sea. We will also have the chance to stroll around the characteristic local market, located in the heart of Ortigia, full of vegetables, fish and other typical local products.

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